Created 15th May 2020

If you are thinking of selling your property, it goes without saying that it needs to be primed and presented in the best light to achieve a time efficient sale whilst also gaining you the best sale price possible.

The photographs displayed in agency windows, featured online and in brochures will provide the first impression to a potential buyer. The important initial images and subsequent perception of this prospective new home is the first step in the sales process. Following this, it is essential that the property impresses during viewings.

Step 1- Depersonalise

There can be a fine line between making a house homely and it being too personal. Potential buyers need to be able to easily envisage themselves living there. Too many family photographs, children’s trophies or the masterpieces they’ve created to be hung on the fridge might clutter the vision.

Step 2 - Declutter

Your household has likely accumulated unnecessary items over the years, so now is the time to organise and discard of the things which you have no use for, or to pack unsightly items away which could attract attention for the wrong reasons. Pay specific attention to; Books, CDs and DVDs, ornaments and knick-knacks, kitchen tools and appliances which are currently out in the open and posters on your children's bedroom walls. Try to remove unused furniture to create a more spacious, sleek and light space. As a general guide, there should be enough space for people to move around the room unhindered, and enough furniture to convey the room's purpose.

Step 3 - Ensure every room has a purpose

While living in a house the use of certain rooms can become confused over time, for example; the spare bedroom becomes a storage room, the lounge becomes part office and the dining room becomes a children’s play area. If this has happened in your house, think about organising these rooms to reflect their original use. This makes sound financial sense, and helps you sell for more, because certain rooms hold a greater perceived value than others, for example: buyers see bedrooms to be worth more than offices, dining rooms are often more appealing than playrooms and people value lounge space over office space.

It might be useful to seek inspiration from show home images online to see just how little furniture is needed to distinguish a room.

Step 4 - Don’t forget the essentials

Fixing or replacing broken items and fittings, painting and a thorough clean will obviously make a positive impact with little cost. Curb appeal and first impressions count, so ensuring visitors are met by an attractive entrance is crucial.

Step 5 - Get creative

An important perspective to consider when selling your property is that what really attracts buyers and good offers is a lifestyle associated with the property. Be conscious to, where possible, give visitors a glimpse into the lifestyle which comes as a benefit of living there.

This article has been featured in our property, lifestyle and business magazine, Portfolio. Read the full edition here.

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